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Recently, there have been incidences of hoax e-mails fraudulently using the Best Migration Services logo and name offering guaranteed jobs and visas in exchange for money. Please be advised that this is a scam purporting to be from Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (‘BMS’). BMS does not send emails requesting clients to pay money in exchange for guaranteed jobs and visas. No one can guarantee a job or a visa; there is a legitimate process by which qualified skilled applicants have to apply to the relevant authorities including but not limited to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for their visa application. BMS evaluates every individual case and only accepts cases if there is a high chance of success. Our charges are for processing and submitting your application, and all visa charges are paid to the Australian Government directly by the client. Our Post Landing Services offer settlement services where assistance is provided to obtain jobs, namely job interviews; however, acquiring the job is solely dependent on your performance in the interview. Guidance will be provided in terms of Australian work culture, interview standards and resume formatting however no job assurance is ever given.