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Australia is a country rich with opportunities. Major cities constantly rank as some of the most liveable ones in the world. With beautiful landscapes, quality education systems, renowned extra-curricular activities, and economic stability, Australia is an excellent migration option to secure your future in.

BMS offers the service of professional Australian Migration Agents who are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (‘OMARA’). As a BMS client, you will be offered professional advice on the current rules and regulations and how it affects your eligibility and visa application and you will be guided and advised on all visa procedures involved in your application. BMS also offers its high-tech online client portal facility for all BMS-registered clients to upload their documents with ease and view a real-time update on their visa application status.

The international pool of successful migrants assisted by BMS can attest to the company’s HIGH SUCCESS RATE and reasonable service fees.

Australian Registered Migration Agents are generally well versed in Australian migration regulations and policies. They will be able to provide you with accurate advice and assist you through all the processes involved in your visa application.

As immigration laws and policies continue to change over time, having up-to-date advice and access to correct information from an Australian Registered Migration Agent can be the difference between success and failure.

To ensure the quality and legitimacy of service you are getting from your Migration Agent, make sure that you employ the services of a Migration Agent that is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (‘OMARA’). These agents require to adhere to the Code of Conduct set by the Australian Government.

Check with the following websites to ensure that you are working with a Registered Migration Agent:

The company motto is, “we will not take on your case unless we believe you have a good chance of success”.

BMS employs in-house Australian Registered Migration Agents who are well versed in migration laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

In the United Arab Emirates, BMS is the only company that has a Registered Migration Agent that is also an Australian Legal Practitioner.

BMS has proven experience in helping its clients avoid errors or omissions in their visa application process that can cause significant, and sometimes costly, delays.

It is best that you consult with one of our Australian Registered Migration Agents to find out if you have what it takes to migrate to Australia. All you need to do is book your FREE CONSULTATION with BMS by filling out the Enquiry Form at our website:

Yes. Since a significant number of BMS clients are based overseas, BMS offers flexible consultation options such as telephone, Skype, email and face-to-face meetings at our Associate Offices overseas.

Yes. Your spouse and children can be included in your visa application, especially if your children are dependant on you.

As stated on the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs website, visa and citizenship processing times will be updated regularly, providing you with an indicative timeframe for processing applications. Processing times are impacted each month by changes in application volumes, seasonal peaks, complex cases, and incomplete applications.

Read more about the Australian Government’s Global Visa and Citizenship Processing Times

An Australian permanent resident can:

• live, work and study in Australia indefinitely;
• receive subsidised healthcare;
• receive social security welfare;
• receive subsidised tuition fees for studies at Australian government schools, vocational education or training institutes and universities;
• purchase property in Australia;
• start their own business in Australia;
• get automatic Australian citizenship for children born in Australia;
• sponsor people for Australian permanent residence; and
• be eligible for Australian citizenship (subject to meeting certain criteria).

BMS provides a range of different migration services packages to accommodate and cater to the personal circumstances and requirements of all our clients.

Like most things in life, good quality costs money. You will need to be prepared to pay a reasonable fee to secure the best representation and to ensure that you have a quality company representing you. Our fees are reasonable and affordable for most people who need to use our services.

Australia allows its citizens to hold dual nationality, however other countries may not.

It is advisable to check if the rules of your native country allow its citizens to hold dual or multiple citizenships.

Receiving a permanent residency visa is just 40% of the entire settlement procedure. BMS works hand-in-hand with its sister company Post Landing Services (‘PLS’) to take care of the other 60% to ensure a seamless transition and settlement into Australia. PLS offers a wide range of settlement packages to provide assistance to families in jump-starting their new life by recommending affordable accommodations, voluntary work experiences, career services, information and referrals for schooling, childcare and health. PLS can also help new Australian migrants with investments, loans, taxation and accounts, trading opportunities, and government project opportunities for businesses.