Australia and New Zealand are countries rich with opportunities. Major cities from both countries constantly rank as some of the most livable ones in the world. Both also boast of beautiful landscapes, quality education systems, renowned extra-curricular activities, and economic stability. Australia and New Zealand are excellent migration options to secure a future in.

BMS offices can be found in 8 countries across 3 continents. BMS is an Australian-based company with head offices in South Australia (Adelaide), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and global associate offices in the Abu Dhabi, Deira, the Philippines (Makati), India (Mumbai, Kolkota and Chandigarh), South Korea (Busan), the United States of America (California), and Bhutan (Thimphu).
BMS offers the service of professional Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents who are registered with Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA). As a BMS client, you will be offered professional advice on the current Immigration Law of different countries and how it affects your visa application. You will be guided and advised on all visa procedures involved in your application. BMS represents you before any relevant authorities in case your visa application faces any complications.
The international pool of successful migrants assisted by BMS can attest to the company’s HIGH SUCCESS RATE and reasonable legal service fees.

Migration agents are experts in Australian and New Zealand Migration laws and policies. They will be able to provide you with accurate advice and assist you through all the processes involved in your Visa application.

To ensure the quality and legitimacy of service you are getting from your Australian or New Zealand Migration Agent, make sure that you employ the services of a Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) registered Australian Migration Agent or an Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser. They are required to adhere to strict Codes of Conduct by Australia and New Zealand.
Check with the following websites to ensure that you are working with a MARA registered agent or an IAA licensed adviser:

BMS also employs in-house Migration Lawyers who are well-versed in migration laws and practices. In the event that your Visa application faces complications, they can represent you before Australian and New Zealand migration authorities.
All of the BMS migration lawyers and migration agents are highly respected and skilled in their fields of expertise. The team of Australian and New Zealand Immigration Law specialists also provides viable and pre-emptive advises on a wide range of Visa matters.
The company motto is, “we will not take on your case unless we believe you have a good chance of success”.

There are many different Visas that require differing qualifications. It is best to consult with migration agents and consultants that you have what it takes to migrate to Australia or New Zealand. Book your FREE CONSULTATION with BMS by filling out the form at our website: Free initial assessment to the processing and lodgment of applications is offered to BMS clients. Since a large number of BMS clients are overseas, BMS offers flexible telephone/Skype consultations.

The different types of Visas, citizenships, and permanent residency applications entail varying requirements and follow different timeframes to finalize. Processing times can depend on many factors.

Read more about the Australian Government’s Service Standards here: