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BMS has a team of Australian Registered Migration Agents, who are knowledgeable in various migration legislations, regulations, policies, and forms. In the case of Australian immigration, BMS employs a number of highly experienced Australian Migration Agents registered with the Australian Government, Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (‘OMARA’), with the highest number of success rates in the industry. So, whether you are migrating as a family, for an employer, for education, for residency, or for personal or commercial purposes, BMS works hard to achieve the best results for its clients.

As an immigration services company, BMS works hand-in-hand with Post Landing Services (‘PLS’) settlement experts, who can help new Australian migrants with investments, loans, taxation and accounts, trading opportunities, and government project opportunities for businesses. They also provide assistance to families in jump-starting their new life by recommending affordable accommodations, voluntary work experiences, career services, information and referrals for schooling, childcare and health. Here at BMS, we work diligently so that all our clients can build lasting futures in a country of their choice.

Post Landing Services (‘PLS’) offers packages that help new migrants relocate and settle in Australia. More information can be found at