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Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (‘BMS’) through its global network helps recommending and linking any individuals, families, organisations, investors, businesses, wishing to live, work, invest and migrate to Australia, to the appropriate authorised Registered Migration Agents (RMA) and/or Australian Immigration Lawyers, Business Brokers, Financial Consultants, Certified Accountants, Management Consultants, Real Estate Brokers, Builders etc., depending on the requirements of the clients and types of visas that they would like to apply. Australia has various visas and visa subclasses and all RMAs or Immigration Lawyers do not specialise in all visas. BMS is connected with various RMAs and Immigration Lawyers who only specialise in and provide the best guidance and services for that particular visa and/or its subclass as per the clients' requirements.  


BMS envisions in becoming the global leading hub, "a one stop shop", in providing help and fulfilling the dreams of migrants, such as skilled and qualified individuals, their families, businesses and/or investors, by understanding their requirements and consolidating cost-effective package solutions for the clients and linking them to the appropriate advisory bodies including but not limited to Registered Migration Agents (RMA), Immigration Lawyers, Business Brokers, Financial Consultants, Certified Accountants, Management Consultants, Real Estate Brokers and Builders etc.. 

BMS also envisions providing as much public information as possible on Australia, its lifestyle, businesses, job opportunities, investment opportunities and its migration process to all migration clients across the globe, who wish to live, work, invest and migrate to Australia, by linking them to the appropriate authorised professionals.



"BMS and this website do not form part of Migration Services Agency and, henceforth, do not provide any migration or legal advice to anyone. This website only provides general information about Australia and Australian migration, which neither is a source of migration advice nor substitutes for advice on specific visa application cases. Information on this website is accurate and valid at the time it is posted, but may become outdated as laws and policies change. Any links to external websites are provided for the convenience of users only."

"The role of BMS and this website is to only provide information. If help regarding migration advice or visas is required, then BMS assists finding the appropriate Registered Migration Agents and/or Immigration Lawyers as per their speciality since all Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers do not specialise in all aspects of Australian migration and visas."